Health, happiness, and higher quality of life for teens.

● School/Life balance

● Better physical health

● Self-acceptance

● Higher self-esteem

● Less mood swings

● Higher quality of sleep

● Improved concentration

● Healthy body image

Combining fitness, nutrition, and daily habits to jumpstart teen wellness.

● Smarter food choices

● Understanding choices vs consequences

● Fitness training

● Stress management

● Daily self-care

● Accountability and Motivation

● Goal setting

Meet Your Coach, Julie

“You can eat kale and quinoa and still have ice cream for dessert – it’s all about balance!” 

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As a Certified Health Professional and Personal Trainer with a specialty in Youth Physical Activity, and most importantly a mom to two teen girls, I know that balance and wellness are possible for kids – with the right approach. I founded Rise Wellness Coaching to give teenagers information and inspiration tailored to this unique time in their lives.