Meet Julie,Founder of Rise Wellness

The "I Get It" Factor

As a trained professional with a degree in Child Development and a minor in Psychology, and a decade in the fitness industry as well as mom of two teens, I offer an experienced and compassionate perspective in my coaching practice. I had my own journey to overcome health issues and find wellness. I now coach because that journey showed me what my true potential is and how good you can feel once you achieve it.

The Professional & Personal Credentials

As a fellow parent, I would only trust my children’s wellness to an accredited professional! (Good news: I am.) I am both a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Personal Trainer with ACE Fitness with a specialty in Youth Physical Activity.  In addition to that, I am a trained Facilitator by NEDA for the Body Project and have a certification in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.  My children are thriving, active teens with a good understanding of how to live a balanced life and I hope I can take some credit for that. I am deeply familiar with the challenges teenagers (and their parents) face every single day, so my program is designed to work around those challenges successfully.

Treating My Clients With Care

I treat your family how I would want mine to be treated. I offer a thoughtful, loving, encouraging, and methodical (so, yes, there’s some discipline!) approach to helping teens acquire sustainable wellness habits. As a parent, you’ll be involved and aware of the program, your child’s progress, any concerns that come up, and opportunities that arise as we move them forward to a healthier life together. You’re welcome to be as involved as you and your child would like (or not). My coaching style is customized to your family dynamics, your child's interests, and what you feel will serve your child best. While parents are involved, I assure my teen clients that this is about THEM and that they are my priority.

I Have A Knack For Inspiring Others

To the people who know me, “Julie” is synonymous with getting inspired to do something you might not have thought you could, would, or wanted to! From teaching early morning spin classes to coaching young girls to become runners in Girls on the Run, I specialize in finding a way to make health and wellness a part of your life that you enjoy and stick with.

A Customized Approach For Results That Will Last

The difference between a quick win and lasting health changes is in forming the right habits. This is why I work hands-on with my young clients to help them naturally adjust to making smarter food choices that they find compelling, finding activities they enjoy and will keep up, taking better care of themselves during stressful times, ignoring social media noise, and much more. We all have unique bio-individual needs, so we need our own personal roadmap. This is what I create for your teen: an approach that is tailored to their lifestyle and designed for their unique success.

Getting Healthier Doesn't Have To Be Torture

… and dare I say it can be fun? Okay that might be a stretch but being healthy certainly doesn’t have to stink. I believe that the journey to health and wellness can be absolutely enjoyable with the right mindset, ideas, and opportunities. My goal is to make moderation more appealing for your child, in ways they’d likely never considered before.

I Listen, Adjust And We Conquer Together

I am not a bootcamp drill sergeant (although my husband may say otherwise!). My coaching factors in your family and your child’s strengths and weaknesses, so we can see incremental progress. I don’t tell you what to do or just give you an eating plan and walk away. The point of coaching is for me to be here with your child -and you- walking with you on this exciting journey to a vibrant, fulfilling and healthy life!

And When I'm Not Coaching...

I am an Uber driver to my kids (at least it feels that way)! Or you can find me teaching spin classes, playing tennis, planning our next travel adventure, competing in triathlons, racing down the slopes on my snowboard (trying to catch up to my kids who are now faster than me), or playing with my two adorable pups, Lolly and Bean. And just in case you think all I do is work out, the rest of my time I’m in the kitchen trying to hack healthy dessert recipes to curb my serious sweet tooth!

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