The Process

Step 1: We’ll chat! (Free Consult)

You meet me, I meet you. I hear about your child’s challenges, stressors, strengths, and goals around health and wellness. I’ll tell you about me and my approach, and we’ll discover if I’m a good fit for what you need!

Step 2: I’ll Design Your Customized Program

Ready to start? You and your child will complete a Health History Questionnaire that helps me dig deep and understand your child’s needs thoroughly, so we can create the right approach for them. Their plan will combine nutrition, exercise, and a number of other important wellness habits.

Step 3: We BEGIN!

We’ll start with an Initial Intake Session (75 minutes). This can be with just your child or with your child and you; whatever you prefer. This includes, but isn’t limited to the following:
- A health history review (Reviewing the child’s past challenges and experiences)
- Rapport building
- Learning about your child's communication style and preferences
- Expectations & goal-setting
- Establishing weekly, short term and long term goals

How I Help

Clients come to me for help with the following:

Wanting to acquire a more balanced weight
Setting achievable health goals
Incorporating healthy living practices into their lives without giving up everything they love
Skin health
Fitness plans
Increasing their energy
Decreasing their stress
Developing a healthier relationship with food
Acquiring healthy habits in a more permanent way

Free Consult

Ongoing Coaching for Ongoing Success

Your hands-on coaching experience includes the following:

● Two 50 minute sessions per month (with the teen)
● Supportive communication – Email, phone, text, whatever your child needs between sessions to feel supported and to help with questions that may arise. This access to me helps them hold themselves accountable and prepare for challenging situations if they come up.
● Handouts and additional resources specific to their individual plan/goals
● Flexible coaching locations- I understand how busy everyone’s lives can be and will work with you to find the most convenient location for your busy lives.
● Simple and healthy snack and lunch ideas
● Personalized activity plan that incorporates your child’s interests and encourages ongoing activity and lasting results

When you’ve met your program goals, you’ll be ready to fly the nest equipped with permanent healthy habits and a better perspective on maintaining your wellness. Anytime you need a boost or have some new challenges you’d like to work through together, I offer package coaching for alumni. You’re always welcome here.


New client package ~ $595
A 5-week comprehensive program to kickstart wellness, with inspiration, acceptance and accountability
Initial intake session with teen and parent(s)
5 one-on-one coaching sessions with teen (50 min each)
Rise Wellness Workbook (printed and bound)
Text and email support for the teen in-between sessions
Weekly parent recap (review of teens session materials and status)
Alumni Continuation Package~ $395
Anytime you need a boost or have new challenges you’d like to work through, come back for on-demand support, you are always welcome here!
4 one-on-one sessions with teen on a bi-weekly basis (50 min each)
Let's Talk

Why It Works

An Approach Specifically Designed For Teens

Accountability in a Safe Space
By treating my clients with respect for the adults-in-the-making that they are, I make it easier for them to take ownership of their health choices. Then, we establish an open, strong connection that gives them the space to speak their truth and be themselves as we navigate their journey to wellness together.

A Realistic Plan
We plan for the realities of modern teen life- it is busy, social and demanding! That means no alienating diets, unrealistic habits or overly strenuous workouts, but rather a proven, sustainable approach rooted in leading best practices for nutrition, movement, and mental balance.

Completely Customized
Coaching is completely personalized, taking in the unique factors of the child’s likes/dislikes, strengths and obstacles. By planning for success, we give our teens reasons to stay with the plan and earn the results they deserve.