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I'm so glad to welcome you to our wellness community!

I love sharing guides, tips, and strategies to help you rise and help your teens enjoy the journey to life balance through health and fitness, and I’m glad you’re here!

As a Certified Health Professional and Personal Trainer with a specialty in Youth Physical Activity, and most importantly, a mom to two teen girls, I know that balance and wellness are possible for kids – with the right approach.

Here’s your freebie to help you do just that:

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Here’s the list of Healthy Snack Ideas for Teens from Protein, Dairy, Fruits & Veggies, and Grains/Starches.
Here are the top 10 routines to put into place in your morning. Choose a  few habits to start that will resonates with you and add more once they become a habit. 
Here are some teen self-care ideas for the body. It is intentionally healthily caring for your body. 
Here are some teen self-care ideas for the mind. Selfcare on your mind is much essential than everything else.  

PLUS, I’ll be sending more free strategies, guides; templates, action plans; thoughts; questions, and activities so that you can rise to the challenge and apply An Approach Specifically Designed For Teens because I want you to live YOU and your Family’s best life! 

Also, Are You Ready To rising? I’ll be having a free consultation for your family. Just message me by email at or simply call (858) 761-7824.

Thank you for your interest in Rise Wellness Coaching!

I look forward to supporting you and your family on the journey to health and balance.


Your Wellness Coach,

Julie Pullman